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Committee Statement (Updated)

UPDATE: 16/03/2020

In light of updated government guidance in relation to social distancing and cessation of non-essential travel, all IDB rehearsals and events are Suspended until further notice. Please monitor the website and our Facebook Page for additional updates. If you require support and assistance through this period please contact us using the link above on this page.

Best Regards,

The IDB Committee.


To our band members & families

The COVID-19 Pandemic is starting to cause some disruption to our daily lives with Educational Establishments and Sporting Events closing and being cancelled or postponed. The purpose of the measures currently in place is to delay the progression of the virus towards the summer months.

While the risk of contracting COVID-19 is lower at larger events and outdoors, you are more likely to catch it from a friend or family member in a smaller environment such as a band hall or rehearsal space.

You will see that the UK response is somewhat more modest than other countries at this stage, again the reasoning being that it is unreasonable to expect people to maintain a heightened state of isolation for a prolonged period. 

With this in mind the IDB committee have no plans to postpone rehearsals at this time however do respectfully ask that all members take an honest and responsible position on their own health.


If you think you have symptoms of COVID-19 or you have had contact with someone who is presenting with symptoms (however slight) we would respectfully ask that you take the personal choice to refrain from rehearsals until you are symptom free for 14 days. 

This is in the interests of supporting our efforts to continue meeting as a community at rehearsals as long as possible. It is highly likely that we will at some point have to suspend rehearsals but that time has not yet arrived. The committee will continue to monitor the situation and communicate to everyone in due course as appropriate.

Provisions to promote personal hygiene will be sourced and made available at rehearsals until further notice and it is respectfully requested that any members who do wish to attend make use of these on entry to the band hall. 

Please also remember that we are all here to support one another. If anyone is struggling through this challenging time for any reason and in any way please don't be afraid to speak up - between us we can make sure everyone gets through this period of time in the best shape possible. 




Your Committee.

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