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Scottish Challenge Shield 2012

Congratulations to Newmilns and Galston, and all the prize winners. We had a great time at the Challenge Shield this year. The 3 crits from the adjudicators were all very encouraging. Well played everyone.

Adjudicators. SR: Steven Roberts, JD: John Doyle, AH: Archie Hutchinson

1. Newmilns & Galston (1st Sect)

Chivalry by Martin Ellerby, Conductor: Nigel Boddice MBE – SR: 1 JD: 2 AH:1

2. Tullis Russell Mills (2nd Sect)

Music for the Common Man by Kenneth Downie, Conductor: Martyn Ramsay – SR:4 JD:1 AH: 2

3. Clackmannan & District Brass (1st Sect, Championship section as of 2013)

The Essence of Time by Peter Graham, Conductor: Paul McKelvie – SR: 2 JD: 3 AH: 3

4. Johnstone Silver (1st Sect)

The Year of the Dragon by Philip Sparke, Conductor: Paul Kiernan – SR: 5 JD: 4 AH: 4

5. Irvine & Dreghorn (2nd Sect)

Oceans by Goff Richards. Conductor: John Boax – SR: 3 JD: 5 AH: 5

6. Granite City Brass (1st Sect)

Trittico by James Curno, Conductor: Alan Haggart – SR: 7 JD: 8 AH: 6

7. Shotts St.Patricks Brass (2nd Sect)

The Accursed Huntsman by Franck/Seibert, Conductor: Michael Marzella – SR: 9 JD: 6 AH: 7

8. Coalburn Silver (2nd Sect, 1st Section as of 2013)

Spectrum by Gilbert Vinter, Conductor: Gareth Bowman – SR: 6 JD: 9 AH: 8

9. Croy Silver (2nd Sect, 1st Section as of 2013)

Academic Festival Overture arr. D.Wright, Conductor: Kenneth Blackwood – SR: 8 JD: 7 AH: 9

Best 1st Section Band – Newmilns & Galston Best 2nd Section Band – Tullis Russell Mills

source: SBBA

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