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Borders Entertainment Contest 2014

Irvine & Dreghorn Brass Band competed in this year’s Border Entertainment Contest. As always we thoroughly enjoyed attending this competition. Our programme consisted of Brass Triumphant (Fanfare, 1st Movement), Reflections (2nd Movement of War of the Worlds), I Will Follow Him and Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral.

We are delighted with the result, and would like to thank Scott Kerr for taking the band to this contest while we look for a new resident conductor. Congratulation to Tullis Russell Mills Band and all bands who won prizes.

  1. Tullis Russell Mills Band – Paul Drury (2nd Sect, Draw: 11)

  2. Shotts St. Patrick’s Brass – Mike Marzella (2nd Sect, Dr: 14)

  3. Irvine & Dreghorn Brass Band – Scott Kerr (3rd Sect, Dr: 9)

  4. Ronan’s Silver – Chris Bradley (2nd Sect, Dr: 7)

  5. Langholm Town – Chris Shanks (3rd Sect, Dr: 5)

  6. Selkirk Silver – Alan Fernie (3rd Sect, Dr: 10)

  7. Annan Town – Peter Heyes (2nd Sect, Dr: 17)

  8. Jedforest Instrumental – Phil Rosier (2nd Sect, Dr: 15)

  9. Tullis Russell Intermediate – Steven Craig (3rd Sect, Dr: 16)

  10. Hawick Saxhorn –Alan Fernie (4th Sect, Dr: 6)

  11. Buckhaven & Methil Miners – David Neil (4th Sect, Dr: 12)

  12. Barrhead Burgh Band – Brian Keachie (3rd Sect, Dr: 4)

  13. Penicuik Silver – Stuart Black (4th Sect, Dr: 3)

  14. Peebles Burgh Silver – Stephen Baird (3rd Sect, Dr: 1)

  15. MacTaggart Scott Loanhead – Bobby Weir (3rd Sect, Dr: 2)

  16. Bon Accord B – Robert Fraser (4th Sect, Dr: 8)

  17. Creetown Silver – Stuart McNab (4th Sect, Dr: 13)

Best 2nd Section Band: Tullis Russell Mills Band

Best 3rd Section Band: Irvine & Dreghorn Brass Band

Best 4th Section Band: Hawick Saxhorn

Entertainment Prize: Langholm Town

Best Borders Band: St. Ronan’s Silver

Best Soloist: Solo Cornet, Shotts St. Patrick Brass

Best Instrumentalist: Bass Trombone, Tullis Russell Mills Band

Best Cornet: Solo Cornert, Bon Accord B

Best Basses: Tullis Russell Intermediate

Best Percussion: Buckhaven & Methil Miners

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