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Change the Tune!

🎼🎺🎺CHANGE THE TUNE!!🎺🎺🎼 Last year in Scotland, education funding in support of music tuition was cut by over £1m, leading to cutbacks in music tuition within schools. Many local authorities are now resorting to charging parents fees in return for the provision of musical tuition, with some authorities charging unto £280 per year. This is a devastating downturn from the not too distant past, where music tuition was a key part of the educational system. Scotland has a proud cultural tradition which has been maintained for a very long time however the EIS has warned that poorer pupils will be less likely to learn an instrument as a result of the funding cuts.

SO! We aim to help change that! Change the tune is this years ice bucket challenge, with bands and musical groups challenging one another to record a musical performance, sign the petition and then nominate another band to do the same! So, with that in mind, please enjoy our entry! 

Facebook If you are like us, and agree that kids should get the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of learning a musical instrument, please PLEASE sign the petition and head over to our Facebook page to share our post on the subject, the more people who see this, the more chance we have of making a positive change. Thank you! P.S thank you to Kilmarnock Concert Brass Band and Dalmellington Junior Band for the nominations! Sign the Petition

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