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Having a Brass Blast!

Today our Youth Band, Brasslets and newly formed Beginners Percussion group took to the stage for a series of short performances for family and friends ahead of the October Break.

For some, this was their first performance and all with only a few short weeks practise having started back as the Coronavirus Restrictions have eased. The groups thrilled the audience with percussion renditions of 'We Will Rock You' as well as Adelle's 'Rolling in The Deep.'

Following on from that some of the members of our slightly more developed Youth Band showed off some of the progress that they have been Making with Alan Fernie's 'Prismatic Light' and finished with a performance of Brahms 'Hungarian Dance No. 5'.

To add to the thrill of performing for parents the youth Bands had to contend with the pressure of performing live to the world!

The band have been working relentlessly through lockdown to secure this fabulous new venue and have made it their home. We have been incredibly fortunate to receive funding from the Syson Foundation, Foundation Scotland, The National Lottery, Magnox, North Ayrshire Council and others to name but a few! This has not only enabled us to develop our new home into a warm and inviting space to host events like this but also to start new teaching programmes and to provide musical training and development for young (and not so young) people in our local community.

We are working to develop a live streaming and recording capability that will be used by our youth and senior bands as well as other creative groups in the local community going forward. We hope to be able to develop a programme for people interested in streaming and developing a basic understanding in production and broadcasting skills.

At the end of a busy day of streaming, performing, recording and entertaining our friends and family what better way to finish than a cake and a cup of tea! Our young talented performers, their parents and volunteers were able to enjoy a cake and cuppa before heading off to enjoy the October Holidays!

The band would like to thank all of our dedicated team members who helped make today possible! To John for all his tireless hard work with our youth groups, to Tracy, Alister and Carrie for helping John in this regard. To Margo, for her excellent baking and for manning the kitchen in excellent style and to James for turning a tangle of wires and gadgets into something meaningful for us all to enjoy!

We will be back again soon with more live broadcasts, shows, performances and public appearances so keep an eye on our Facebook Page so you don't miss out.

Speaking of missing out, you can catch up on todays performance at the link below - enjoy!


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