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Supporting Our Band

The Irvine & Dreghorn Brass Family are committed to looking out for one another. This starts with developing and promoting a culture of positive wellbeing and also includes having the people and resources in place to identify the early signs of mental health issues. We want to make sure everyone who attends band is as healthy and happy as they can be. 


Concerned about something? Leave a message for our wellbeing Champion - in confidence!

Our wellbeing champion will get in touch soon. Your feedback will be treated privately and with respect! Remember you can talk to any committee member at any time and if it's urgent remember to reach out to any of the support services listed below!

Your Wellbeing Champion!


Kelda McMichael

It is important for us all to support good mental health in the environments we spend our time in and by tackling the issue of mental health from the starting point of promoting good wellbeing we may find that in itself begins to address some of the stigma and stereotypes associated with mental ill health. 


IDB aim to: 

  • Develop a culture where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and issues such as bullying and harassment are not tolerated. 

  • Develop a culture where open and honest communication is encouraged and support and mutual respect are the ‘norm’.

  • Encourage an ethos where band members know it’s OK to talk about mental health and that it’s safe to disclose experiences in order to help reduce the stigma and stereotypes associated with it. 

  • Make sure the band as a whole and individuals within it have a manageable workload. 

  • Ensure musicians have the right level of skill and support for the job. 

  • Develop a culture of flexibility so musicians can balance the demands of home and work life with band. 

  • Audit our rehearsal environment for physical stressors such as flickering lights and eliminate them. 

  • Help musicians to build self-confidence and resilience.

  • Create a group culture of confidence and resilience.

Resources & Further Help 


Here are some contacts which can help in supporting yourself and the mental health of your fellow musicians at IDB. 


If you, or someone you know is in mental health crisis and needs medical attention quickly:

  • Call 999 to contact emergency services 

  • Go to your nearest A&E If it is not a medical emergency but you still need urgent help: 

  • Call 111 for professional health advice

  • Make an appointment with your GP 


The following organisations help people affected by mental health issues: 


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