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We’ve Made the News! – (IDB Slow Melody & Concert)

Following our successful Slow Melody Competition Concert and Youth Masterclass on 1 June with the brilliant Lesley Poole… we’ve made the news! Articles are in the local papers this week and next and we ahve also made the brass band world news.. 4barsrest have run a piece on us today. You can view this here.

We recently enjoyed a wonderful day of brass playing and masterclass teaching from a former local lass made good, as Foden’s horn star Lesley Poole led our Slow Melody Competition and Children’s Workshop.


The day stated with Leslie leading an informative and productive masterclass for the band’s beginners and youth players where she gave invalubale tips and tuition.

Lesley actually started playing at the local Blacklands Primary School before going onto Kilwinning Academy – the very schools many of those playing on the day were now attending.


After a rehearsal with Lesley and the senior band at our band hall, we moved to the Castlepark Community Centre for our third annual slow melody and summer concert.

The Slow Melody was well attended and during the day, our players of all ages took to the stage to perform solos. 9 Juniors and 10 Seniors played slow melodies in the contest which Lesley adjudicated. She said she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the performances and provided each player with some written comments on the playing to enable them to improve their playing.

Senior Soloist winner was Euphonium player, Dawn Spence. In second and third place were our cornet players, Derek Leitch and Iain Lowry. Junior Soloist winner was trumpet player Ross MacMillan.


The highlight then came when six of our beginners, affectionately known as ‘The Brasslets’, – who have only been playing for 6 months wowed the audience with excellent solo performances. Lesley was amazed at the standard of their playing and congratulated them all.


The Band’s Musical Director John Boax commented:

‘I was very proud of them all today. They are a credit to themselves and their families. The future at IDB looks bright and hopefully we can recruit more players – both beginners for our Brasslets programme and more developed players for the training and senior bands’.


Day time audience members then enjoyed an evening meal, and as more evening guests arrived, our summer concert began at 7pm. Lesley wowed the audience with solo performances with the Senior Band. Our senior and training bands also did some numbers for the audience. The evening finished with a first for the band: a joint performance of Paolo Nutini’s – Pencil Full Of Lead , featuring the senior, training and brasslet bands! All band members were full of energy and smiles after a fantastic day of music making.

Lots of Talent

Lesley commented: ‘I really enjoyed the day. There is lots of talent and the band has such a great set up. The future is bright for Irvine and Dreghorn’. She also indicated that her two young cousins, who came along to listen on the day are hoping to start as Brasslets very soon.

One Brasslet said: ‘I loved it today. I love playing my trombone and shaking eggs with the big band. I was proud today.’

Full Slow Melody Competition Results:

Senior Solo: 1. Dawn Spence (euphonium) 2. Derek Leitch (cornet) 3. Iain Lowry (cornet)

Section Awards winners: Phyl Fleming (trombone) Anne Taylor (horn) Dawn Spence (euphonium) Derek Leitch (cornet)

Junior Solo: 1. Ross Macmillan (trumpet) 2. Hannah Godfrey (euphonium) 3= Rebecca Smith (cornet) 3= Ashley McLaughlin (euphonium)

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