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Musical Director Resignation

Irvine and Dreghorn Brass Band regretfully announce the resignation of our Musical Director, Scott Kerr. Scott took over from his predecessor, Helen Douthwaite-Teasdale, in October 2017 and has spent an enjoyable year with the band. Since joining, Scott has taken the band to several contests where he has been able to work on the core areas within the band. Building from the centre, he has allowed the band to grow in strength and confidence which will help in the lead up to the Scottish Championships 2019. Scott also led the band in many concerts including the Joan Price Memorial where IDB teamed up with both Kilmarnock and Dunaskin Doon Brass Bands to raise an amazing total of over £2700. IDB are very grateful for all of the hard work that Scott has put in and would like to with both himself and Samantha the best of luck in the future. 

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