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An interview with Charlie...

I was lucky enough to get a few words today with our new Scottish Champion. Having come back from Livingstone, Charlie had a few words to say about her performance today.

"I played The carnival of Venice and the adjudicator was Sandy Smith. It was very fun but the hall was also very warm which made me have a very dry mouth. I played last which isn’t my favourite place to play but sometimes it happens! I was very surprised when they said my name because I didn’t think it would be me who won but I didn’t listen to anybody before me so I didn’t know how good other people were.

I am very proud with myself and looking forward to my next competition in March for my young musician competition for Scotland.

I am proud to say I am the new Junior Scottish Solo Champion!"

A well deserved victory - IDB are proud to say that Charlie is one of ours! Here is a short video of her performance yesterday:

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