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Day 1, Course 3: Ballochmyle Golf Club

Welcome to the final course of day 1 where our talented golfers—Steven, Derek, Jordan, and Simon—embark on their last leg of this incredible journey at Ballochmyle Golf Club.

Ballochmyle Golf Club, located on the outskirts of Mauchline, is a hidden gem in the heart of Ayrshire. This parkland course, set against the stunning backdrop of the Ballochmyle Viaduct and the River Ayr, offers a peaceful and serene environment for our golfers to showcase their skills. The undulating fairways, mature trees, and strategically placed hazards make for an engaging and challenging round of golf.

Ballochmyle Golf Club, with its rich history dating back to 1909, has witnessed countless golfers test their skills on its hallowed grounds. The course's close association with the Ballochmyle Viaduct, an impressive engineering marvel of the 19th century, adds a touch of grandeur to this already captivating golfing destination. Each swing of the club echoes the resilience and determination of those who came before, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

The combined efforts of Steven, Derek, Jordan, and Simon in organizing and participating in this charity event have truly brought the community together. Their selflessness and unwavering support for the Irvine & Dreghorn Brass band exemplify the power of collaboration and the positive impact individuals can make when they come together for a common cause.

As we bid farewell to Ballochmyle Golf Club and a remarkable first day of this challenge, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the golfers, sponsors, and supporters who have made this event possible.

Together, we have helped to support the efforts of the talented musicians of Irvine & Dreghorn Brass band, enabling them to pursue their dreams and represent their community at the UK National Brass Band Championships.

A huge thanks to Band Supplies for sponsoring the final course of day 1!


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