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Success for Faye at the Ayrshire Music Festival!

The band are delighted to share the news of our talented young Solo Horn Player Faye, who took first place on Tuesday 8th March at the 96th Ayrshire Music Festival held in Ayr.

Faye was competing in Division A of the Brass Solo category playing the Tenor Horn.

I was able to speak to Faye who told me about her success that day.

"I performed a piece of music called 'Demelza' which is written by Hugh Nash and also a piece called 'Overture' written by Ray Woodfield. Demelza is one of my favourite pieces of solo music to play and I have been working on both pieces of music while studying towards my Advanced Higher Music exam so they were good choices for me to play in this competition.

I was quite nervous to perform for this competition because it is the first Solo Performance I have given like this in over two years because of COVID. I really enjoyed it though and I am delighted to have taken first place in the competition!"

Faye has also been working hard with our senior band rehearsing to compete in the Second Section Scottish Regional championships in Perth. The band are so proud of Faye's excellent performance and can't wait to see what comes next for her in her musical adventures this year!


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